moto-writer visiting London

Greetings to some fellow gearheads from across the pond. I will be in London next month and was hoping some of you good folk could clue me in on some spots to visit while I’m in town, like the London MC Museum and Ace Cafe. [ie. cool shops, hangouts, bike nights] TIA, Cheers.

What part of town will you be staying in ?

and how long will you be staying?

From the 15th - 21st.
Staying at The Cumberland (Marble Arch)the first couple days then at a friend’s flat.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome, I am sure between all of us we can get ya around to a few places…so be scared …very scared

Are you hiring a bike or what?

Marble Arch is really central so it will be easy for you to get about. I think the Ace Cafe would be a good start and I think you should also try and get to Boxhill.

We have ride’s pretty much every weekend and on Friday nights we go from the Ace Cafe into Soho.

When will you have a bike?

Details of The London Motorcycle Museum it’s not far from The Ace Cafe so you could do it in the same visit.

Theres alot of interesting places but you’ll need a car to get to them.

Shewolf has it bang on, Ace and boxhill, thats about all left that is good london wise.

My advice if ya fancy a day out is watch Quadrophenia on dvd and then take a trip to brighton. when i first went yrs back all it was “thats the bellboy hotel” “thats where the figth was” etc etc, lol, cracking.

Saying that see if ya can get a copy of leather boys, gives an insight sort of how the ace use to be.

Someone should organise a weekend bimble from Box to Newlands, Bury Hill etc. (Not me - I couldn’t organise a p*ssup in a brewery if my life depended on it ).

If you’ve got no bike, I’m sure someone would be willing to take you pillion (me if necessary but must be warned… wobbly at slow speeds, and some would say faster speeds too )


Thanks for all the feedback, I’ll take it all into consideration. I’ll probly post more questions as the trip draws closer. As for hiring a bike, I haven’t decided yet. I would love to tool around London all week, but considering time & $ issues, I’m not sure if renting wheels will work. As for riding pillion, I’d like to say I’m not to proud to ride bitch…but I’m too proud to ride bitch. Lol. I do appreciate the offer though…and the warm welcomes.

hello and welcome

is that not the weekend of the massive france trip? you could tag along on that if you dont mind going pillion for the day???

ooooh, right you are

I checked out the France TLB ride thread…sounds like fun. I’M IN.

Can anyone recommend a bike hire spot? Right now I’m leaning towards, but I am very much open to suggestions.
I will definitely need a ride buddy, as riding on the other side of the road will be one of many factors I’ll have to get used to. Cheers!

check this place out

dont worry about riding on the proper side of the road thats not to difficult, roundabouts might be a diffrent story for you though!!!