Moto Guzzi Recall


I am currently in the process of getting a Griso 8V, deposit down and waiting to go and sign the papers… The bike is a ex demo with a few hundred miles on it. Looks really clean, and like it has had an easy life- its been in the show room a while (about a year I believe)…

However, I have had a chat with the dealer and they have had to do a number of pieces of work before I get the bike. One of these was a MG Recall. This involved swapping the cams and camshafts… I’m not hugely technical minded, but this is surelyt a major piece of work and even though I’m getting the bike with all the work done, I have this horrible feeling that I am buying into a nightmare…

Does anyone know anything much about this recall, or details on the impact of the work? Is it a reason to pull out of the purchase? I absolutely love the bike- the ride and looks really sold it… but I like to use my bikes, and that doesn’t mean a picnic on the hard shoulder!


Just read of two other people who had this work done and they have fallen in love with their bikes all over again. They say the work has made it so much smoother and better than before. Cams etc are actually quite accessible on the moto guzzi’s, remember the heads are exposed! I’m jealous, want to swap for a low mileage Sprint RS???

Righto- I diddn’t need much convincing! :stuck_out_tongue:

going to pick the bike up now!

Excellent! Enjoy the bike and come to a BM meet so that we can drool on it. Promise I’ll wipe the drool off too! Love Moto Guzzi’s. My brother used to borrow a 850 Le Mans Moto Guzzi. Awesome bikes!

So it’s had the re call work done What’s to worry about?

Beats buying a modern BMW where they don’t admit there’s a problem.

Very nice:cool:

Looks like a whole bag o fun:D

Did you have to post that picture?

I’ve got to go over to in-moto at Croydon soon. I already have enough trouble avoiding the KTM shop and then have to go past the Guzzi’s to get to the counter.

You’ve just amde my problem worse.

Looks good. Enjoy.

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the shots from the rear end (oooer missus), industrial looking shaft drive and engine. Other than the Speed Triple, this is one bike I would swap my Sprint RS for.

Just test rode one today down in Dorking, loved it !