Moto GP 2011

I really want to go up to silverstone and watch it. Went last year was a good day but shit to watch up there hardly saw anything.

Is it worth going? wheres the best place to watch it from inside the track? I have always found unless its brands hatch you get a better view on the TV.

went last year, won’t be going again. BSB at brands was a more fun day at half the price

everyone whos been to the new silverstone says its shit to watch, so wont even thnk about going, but i do have bsb at brands hatch about 3 miles down the road from me so poke silverstone:)

Wheres the next BSB? don’t think I will bother with Silverstone then!

General admission £60 sounds a rip off. Rather spend £60 on a load of beer and watch it on the TV :slight_smile:

5th n 7th august gp circuit

yeah i’ll av some of that then. Forget Silverstone

I was looking forward to this until now! I’m going for 3 days 2 nights camping and its going to rain! Joy!!
Only upside is I didnt pay for the ticket so I can spend the entrance fee on beer… every cloud has Carlsberg lining…

went at silverstone some years ago to watch the gp, best part was the hotel where we were staying, lol
brands so much fun, you’ll be so close to the circuit its unreal.

I’ve never whatched a bike race on tv or at a track :ermm:

Assen and Valencia are great places for GPs. Not been anywhere else abroad but I really liked Donnington, especially for the atmosphere when camping. I wasnt that impressed with Silverstone last year as there isnt much to do after midnight and its hard to have parties in the campsite with patrols complaining every 20minutes.
Saying that, I will be there again this year because the bikes sound so f*cking good in real life. And I am going to be so close I am considering ear plugs! :w00t:

Am going on Sun on a freebie. Will be breaking my MotoGP virginity so really looking forward to it as I’ve nothing to compare it to!


TBH Moto, if you want to enjoy the MotoGP experience live I’d strongly suggest you plan ahead and go to somewhere like Catalunia next year.

You can get cheap flights in there, hotels to suit budget, and entry plus very good grandstand seats. (I can suggest the good stands to be in.)

Weather is usually stunning. The Spanish crowd are brilliant.

Yeah Pete I think you are right, Might have to do that actually. Spainish birds aswell ha? some are really Bonito :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m well aware of the merits of Spanish girls, or to be precise a particular Spanish girl.

The Italian GP is also a classic. Ricardo Torme round (Valencia is a bit over rated IMO.)