Moto bridled at 100HP

In France, all motorbikes are bridled to 100 hp (106 in practice). When you go in a concession, you can’t buy a moto unbridled. If you importe a bikes you must bridled it if you want to immatriculate it!

In pratique, many motorbike are unbridled but the penalty provided by law are very heavy…:angry:

Many bikers buying bike 600cc and more. For exemple, my next bikes will be certainly a R1 2003 unbridled…

How long has this been law in France?

What were the reasons for it?

No reason because no study proves that it is most dangerous when it was over 100HP…:angry:

French bikes have been restricted for yonks. Its a safety thingThere was place that used to be in Black Boy Lane in Tottenham and they imported repairable crashed French bikes. I almost bought a ZX-10 off them but pulled out when i found it to be restricted. I’m going back to early nineties then. The UK government were talking about restricting our bikes to 125 PS at that point.:w00t:Luckily it never came to pass:cool:

I pity any frenchman buying a DesmoSidici then :stuck_out_tongue: a 200BHP Moto GP bike restricted to 100 :open_mouth:

This is why I lock my bike up in France :wink:

I told Terry even his old Bl*de would be popular with the joyriders over there :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant believe any *onda is nickable :D:P

We would have had the same deal over here too were it not for some serious lobbying by MAG and the BMF at the time of the threat. Only a matter of time until it rears it’s ugly head again.:angry:

Thanks for the info Chunky. (I’ll be OK for a while, anyway, there’s no 100BHP scooters at the moment ;0))

You say the penalties are severe, what are the chances of getting caught? What %age of bikers run unrestricted bikes?

I guess it would invalidate your insurance if your bike is not restricted?

Is the 100 measured at the rear wheel or the crank in the engine?

What about old bikes before the law came in, do they have to be restricted?

Yes it’s true and if you in France with a moto has more 100HP, it’s legal. You must bridled your bike only if you immatriculed your bike in France!

The restriction is a blanket one. NOBODY can ride a bike over 100PS over there.I think its at the rear wheel IIRCOld bikes would be stuff like GPZ900R’s and stuff of that era so not really an option as they didn’t kick out much more than 100 in them days anyway.Nostalgic Chunky;)

That’s crazy, how draconian. They might as well ban living.

Would be interesting to see if the percentage of road deaths on French “superbikes” is any different to those on our roads.

I would hazzard a guess that it wouldn’t be much different.:wink:

Does anyone else remember the governments plan to make all bikes be fitted with leg shields?:w00t:

I always thought saddles look shite on motorbikes anyway.

:)That shop is still there 2Bs Motorcycles…Owned by a pretty mad bloke (fast talking fidgity bloke) called Toby…My mate bought a CBR off them about 3 years ago.Remember seeing an immaculate red CBR 600 F3 being rolled backwards out of a van. Immaculate that is until I saw that the front end was missing :crazy:They’re still buying crashed bikes and doing them up…Seem to have done pretty well for themselves. Although they were fined by the council not so long ago for dumping oil.

No Afro I know 2B and it wasn’t them. It was called Moto Something?? and was further down the road on the opposite side down an alley between two houses. I’m going back to early nineties when you were in short trousers;):smiley: