MOT time

right then fingers crossed i can get some help on this. i need to get my mot done next month but i have a couple of issues. firstly my exhaust might be a bit on the loud side. and secondly i don’t have the standard size plate on the bike. where can i get the mot done that will let those slide?

If you can’t, is there a way to get baffles and a bigger plate just for the test…?

Edit: I just re-read that. So unhelpful. Sorry! :blush:

someone had to say it:P

I’m facing exactly the same issue with mine in May! My plan is to get a number plate made and either swap it over or fix it on top of the small one i have at the mo! As for the exhaust, i was down at Lloyd Coopers today picking mine up from service, and he was saying that although they’re loud, they sometimes let it slide - down to the MOT testers disgression!

Have you still got the standard can?? Thats my plan b!

where about are you fella’s? i dont have to change my pipe

kick start motorcycles south east london lee green/lewisham google it if you go and ken will sort ya out:) gd mate off mine

My mate Tom is a tester at Scooterworks, 67-68 ENID STREET, LONDON SE16 3RA. He used to work at GWR and I’m planning to take 3 of mine for testing, he’s always helped me out for a reasonable price (and a few Ramones bootlegs). I’m sure he’d overlook one or two minor details. It’s sh*t that the things which don’t affect your bike’s roadworthiness can cause that much hassle. Who wants to ride with a great big number plate and creep past traffic like a mouse? Fer fux ache!

Is that anywhere near the Ace Classics shop?

(apologies for the slight thread hijack)
How do Harleys get through the MOT with the stainless steel pipe exhausts ? Cos they are fookn loud.

i think the tester has to have it within a reasonable range from the factory system. luckily that means some people are quite nice when it comes to a loud pipe:cool:

I’m gonna pm you Henry :slight_smile:

I think aslong as you dont take the p*ss & dont get an absolute jobsworth tester you’ll be alright - I dont have any issues with mine with a 7x5 plate and no baffle in my arrow can.

cheers everyone you’ve put my mind rest:D

sort off its on burnt ash hill just under the train bridge its a little place has been there for years

I’m based near Ruislip way, not far from the Ace! Hopefully it won’t be a problem when it comes to MOT time! :slight_smile:

hi all

im a tester in nw london about 5 minits from the ace

The testers manual says:

A silencer which is in such a condition or is of such a type that the noise emitted is clearly in excess of that which would be produced by a similar machine fitted with a standard silencer in average condition.

A silencer marked ‘NOT FOR ROAD USE’, TRACK USE ONLY’ or similar words.

So, if its not got any marking and is not MAD it should pass.

If anybody wants to pop in i will have a look and advise you the best i can.(no charge)

If you do want me to do the test i will also do it for £25 for lb members.

any other info give me a call or pm me



Thats awfully decent of you Brian, I’ve just got my mots, but as a fighter builder I would be interested in looking at a manual and getting your opinion on a few things? :smiley: