MOT in Central/NW London Area

Any recommendations?

Tried calling Slocombes but no-one picks up :wink:

If you can stretch to W london, SRS Motorcycles in Hammersmith (Trussley Road) are frankly excellent in every way.
Contact SRS on: 0208 7412114

Its about 2 min walk from Hammersmith Tube, so getting back to work/home for the day is sorted.


Not sure if this helps as I don’t know there full address, but on the Harrow Road behind the Suzuki Spares Shop, and the one I use is also on the Harrow Road 7mins from the Suzuki Shop in the central London direction.

If any of these are local to you im sure I can dig up there addys

Hope that was some kind of help, the Artist :cool:

^ Is that the motorcycle service centre? I think I’ve passed it a few times.

Old looking shop, but they are a good bunch.

I’ve always got mine MOTd at Chasbikes- great suffolk st, SE1. Grumpy bunch but completely competent.