MOT fail or not

right there has always been a debate over colour of side lights effecting your MOT, surely if your main beam which is dipped or full beam is still white the side lights colour wont make you fail as such as they measure the headlight beam and not the beam of the side lights?

Some saying having blue led side lights and white headlight can still make you fail MOT but my bike has passed every year with them in ? Surely its the MOT garage discretion if they wanna be anal over side light bulbs?

Side lights have to be white to pass in my experience, and the letter of the law.

oh right because ive always had blue led sidelights and bike has always passed its mot but when the main beam is on you cant really see the blueness of the sidelights so i would have thought aslong as the mainheadlight bulb is white the sidelights you can have as any static colour other than red obviously?

Which MOT garage do you go to maybe I should start going there :)… PM me because I don’t want them getting shut down lol.

im just asking because some of the scooter riders of another forum think its a fail even if the main headlight bulb is showing a white beam but i would have thought mot garages only measure the main headlight beam and not measure the light being shown by the side lights i nthe headlight unit?

Post 2 is the answer

thanks alex well guess im just lucky to have a mot garage who aint anal about sidelights bein blue lol


You two know each other? lol

Please share, sounds interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Old paths crossing, not a lot to say really, I’d just prefer them not to cross

I shall say no more

obviously it depends how blue they are, & if they are “E” marked they are legal, usually called cool blue or similar.

the really blue ones from china, not E marked are not legal…

has to be kinda yellowie my dads car was going to fail for haveing proppa white side lights lucky he had spears in the boot so he swaped them over i know someone with blue ones that failed but my bike passed with white led sidelights when i got my mot.

all depends if the mot tester had a slow day

MOTs are slightly subjective, from the mot rule book it should fail but your tester obs lets it go so keep going there :smiley:

Well that’s one way of persuading the tester to pass your car…


with Britney in the boot, the last thing i’d be thinking about would be the mot :stuck_out_tongue: