MOT and Tyres

Someone might know this - it’s a car scenario and I don’t think would apply on a bike but here goes.

Had my car MOT today (previous one expires 18th Nov).
Failed due to low tread on passenger tyre*
Classed as ‘Do not drive until rectified’
Am I allowed to put spare wheel on (that is in perfect condition) to drive somewhere to replace said tyre?

Both MOT centre and tyre place said yes. Obviously their advice isn’t legal - wanted to know what others thought.

*I have no idea how this happened. I had put part worns on about 6m and maybe 4k miles ago - replaced both sides. They seemed to have very good tread when on and driver’s one still has loads. Tyre pressures relatively regularly checked.

They were michelin cross country - weird pattern made it a bit trickier to determine depth.

Above is no excuse, should have checked before MOT but life got in way… school boy error.

I had also got distracted by two bulbs going which I replaced before MOT

As long at the tyres fitted to the car are legal there isn’t an issue & if changed at the test station they can pass the car mot without having to do a full test if you took the car away

Thanks - yes I thought so. I brought the car back home on the faulty tyre (yes I know it was risky) and put the spare on the driveway.

Will take it tomorrow morning to get fresh tyres on and then take it for the retest.

My worry was whether police stuck to the fail mot, rather than the fact that the car was roadworthy and being taken to be permanently rectified.

It is what it is ‘Do not drive until rectified’, once you’ve put the spare on “it’s rectified” and can be driven. If the spare is a space saver you’ll need to get the failed tyre sorted for the re-test. If the spare is a proper spare you’re good for the re-test.

For the future don’t faff with part worns and when you check the tyre pressures check the tread and tread pattern too. If there’s any abnormal wear consult a ‘big name’ tyre shop it may be the tracking or camber is out. Kwik-Fit will check wheel alignment for free and then charge you around £50 to adjust the fronts or £75 to adjust all four wheels.

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…and what you did was stupid, go sit on the naughty step and bed with no supper :wink:

Had you been stopped or had a little shunt on the way home they may have thrown the book at you. An illegal tyre gets you three points + £100 FPN if you’re lucky or an audience before a Magistrate facing a fine of up to £2,500 if your not. Plus you’ll be in breach of the T&C’s of your insurance policy, that’s another 6 points and £200 FPN or if you’re unlucky and find yourself in Court who knows what side of bed the Magistrate fell out of?


Yup, well aware of this… like I said schoolboy error.

So tomorrow changing both fronts with new tyres. Only have a space saver so tyre place will be putting proper tyre back on.

Yep, as others have said, perfectly ok - You had a fault meaning you had to repair it before driving - you effectively “repaired” it by fitting a legal spare.