Whats your opinion on mostashs? Maybe some of you have heard of the term “Movember” where the the men grow a mostash to raise money for various charitys. Well i set about doing this and decided on your classic 70’s biker type. Well some people have liked it others not, i myself cant decide, sometimes i look in the mirror and i dont know the person looking back at me. So whats your opinion, good, bad, funny, sexy or maybe just a little too Village people, would especially like opinions from the girls, as being a man it’s generally those i’m out to impress:D. Please be as truthful, funny or sarcastic as you like:)

used to have a funky goatee…

apprently its suited me!:w00t:

I’ve done this aswell with a few people from work - pretty funny, most people said I look like 70’s porn star which isnt too bad :smiley:

Yeh i’ve had that one to, only wish i had the “equipment” to go with it:P

WTF is a Mostash?:Whistling:

A woman opinion, I don’t like them, goatee’s or a little bit of stubble is cool but I don’t like moustache’s or full blown beards, I am sure there are ladies who do like them but not me :slight_smile: anyway, who cares what anyone else thinks, if you like it then keep it :slight_smile:

what about women wit 'tash’es:w00t:

It’s similar to a moustache I think.

They’re bred for circus shows, along with wolf boys, chunky monkeys, elephant men and scooter riders :w00t::w00t:

Just kidding before anyone starts!

And hairy armpits!:w00t: Good god nooooooo!

Yeh, thought i had spelt that wrong:unsure:

Once went through the facial hair experimental phase. Everything from goatee to moustache to full blown beard and the odd bit of fluff below the lip.

I dont mind a bit of stubble but can generally only take it for about a week or so and then I just start to feel dirty. All the rest is just too much like hard work. :slight_smile:

Its all about the moustache!

I can grow them, but I wouldn’t get any goodies off the misses! :smiley:

guess the only advantage of a moustache in winter is it stops the snot dribbling into ya gob when ridin in the winter :smiley:

other than that they deffo in the village people catagory :slight_smile:

LOL dribbly snot. Dontcha love winter commutes :smiley:

Hehehehe! Out in Thailand (Koh Tao) and all the guys at the dive school im at are doing this at the moment :smiley: Bumblebee has grown a corker of a 1970s porn 'tash" - will try and secretly post up some photos : )

BTW, having a fab time out here - bumblebee has got all his levels up to Rescue Diver and I am now a Dive master and leading divers around the dive sites of Koh Tao Those of you who recal my inability to find Dover during my move to Italy will find this highly amusing i am sure hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

lucky you alice were not jealous at all of you in the warm while we bask in a glorious british winter :smiley:

Easy with the beard bashing! You been warned!:crazy:

Yes yes, theres no jealousy at all, none what so ever:crying:

I seem to be able to grow whiskers at will. A 6-week old tickler: