Most ridiculous kit for a Honda c90

after a discussion with a mate, I’m throwing this up to LB for your consideration. Which kit would look more daft if riding a Honda c90?

leathers… at least motocross gear is a bit looser fitting…

I so want a c50/70/90… one with the round tail light (I think it’s pre-1985)

leathers definatly

Reckon the motocross gear would look cool :smiley:

Are you going to be purchasing said kit and scooter?

I really fucking hope so.
Mocks the 125 all the time. I’ll finally be able to rip on him! hahaha

The offroad kit looks less daft but the leathers come with gloves and boots, which would be a bonus.

Surely you should be wearing an anorak and brogues?

surely this is the C90 ‘uniform’?

I rode a PS 125 in my Race suit. That was fun. And I rode to my bike lessons in Holland on a bicycle in full gear plus helmet (was easier to wear than carry) which was fun.

i wear full leathers on the Velocette :slight_smile:

Knee sliders ground down always raise eyebrows.

I don’t think you will. :smiley:

The cubs are one of the best bikes ever created for town riding… You can nuke, bake, fry and torch them and they’ll still be fine. It’s a cultural thing maybe but come to greece and they are everywhere, still running perfectly fine from the 60s and 70s. Plus of all the small bikes/ scooters, they still look the best

Ok not in leathers/ MX gear but they are the dogs bollocks. I don;t care how many bikes I end up buying, whether they are litre, 600s, nakeds, SMs…my heart will always want one of these bikes. It’s a relic of my childhood and I know more people who have taken their first nervous riding miles on these bikes than there are bikers in the UK.

Indeed, a mate of mine rides like a demon on his! Loves it to bits. Heading into bends and roundabouts he just pins it! He’s annoyed a few big bike riders with his antics! Seen him getting sparks off it throwing it round a roundabout, absolute class.

I’d love to see a c90 road race!

so got me thinking

check this one out

I want to do that C-90 challenge but I bet the wife will not let me.

Gotta love the description…

“Fitting this meant i had to remove the airbox and so i fitted a foam race filter which actually gave the bike an extra 480 bhp !!”

Tempted but I have a feeling it will go for too much. I’ve only ever considered spending about 3-400 or so for one (not expecting it to be immaculate by any stretch) as that’s the sort of price I could pick them up for in greece.
They are after all a very small cc engine.

yer but that one has an ash tray which is good up to 23MPH as well you know you want it

I used to know a guy who worked for Honda press fleet, he never knew what he was coming home on or in.

His finest hour was riding home, in full Honda branded leathers plus helmet on…

He just stared straight ahead while waiting at the traffic lights…

This race on C90’s at Llandow between my mate & me started 3 years of C90 racing for Charity.

So you obviously need one piece leathers a fake cow fur.


Never, ever, knock the C90. That thing is a legend in it’s own life time. (Yes. Still in production in parts eastern under a couple of brand names.)

It’s the machine that got the 2nd and 3rd world mobile and has been the mainstay of so many youth motorcycle projects for so many years it deserves a blue plaque of its own.

I am against the squared light ones… :smiley:

For me it’s all about the round head light!