Most motorbike-unfriendly area in the UK? I nominate WINDSOR!

I used to think Brighton was bad.

Windsor however is much, much worse.

Hardly any motorbike bays and all of them way outside the centre, Car bays residents only 8am-8pm, very few pay and display bays but they need a (very nickable) ticket or scratchcard displayed, central multi-storey car parks that ban motorcycles from using using them.

I know Windsor has a problem with visiting tourists but a couple of central bike bays wouldn’t be too much of a negative impact surely?

The ghosts of old Rockers that used to use the old Windsor Cellar Bar Coffee House on the riverside would be fooked now…

Can anyone nominate anywhere worse?

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Bike parking is free in the dedicated bays in the council run town centre car parks in Windsor. Have you tried any of them?

Thanks Janey - maybe I rode to the wrong car parks - each one I visited had “no motorcycles” in the notice at the front and one security guard waved me away from the entrance!
I’ll check out the council run ones - Thanks!

Try here
Behind The Promenade, Barry Ave, Windsor SL4 1QX

Does depend on which part of windsor you mean though ( castle than town )


Thanks Tim. Bit further away from the town centre than I wanted but good enough!

Three others in windsor maybe more suitable

I never understand unfriendly bike parking. You’d think it would be encouraged seeing as you can get 4 to 5 bikes in the same space as a car (an ordinary car at that).
And you’re right about Brighton…

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I agree - and with explosion of scooter based delivery services like Deliveroo, Just Eat etc town centre bike bays are now stuffed with scooters awaiting their orders to be prepared, so in the last few years what little parking there is has been fully taken yet Councils are more likley to close bays to install Boris-Bike type stations,