morrnniinngg aall

have a good one!! it seams well muggy out there again!!!

morning jp!! morning sony!! morning gang!!!

roll on tonight!!!yeehaa!!!

Morning Gina, morning all! Looks like a day to get the wellies out. Take care and stay safe out there everyone, it’s been a bad week for bikers.

Morning Campers…

Looks poo at the minute but no doubt it will liven up !!

whos doing what ?

it it a bit damp out there but its well sticky here!!! im sweating buckets!!!

have a good safe one all and i will be out tonight hopefuly!!!

Aint got nothing to do with the 30 pints you had last night has it ?

wat of TEA!!!

morning people, hows people’s day been im into the 4th day of my ban lol

morning all, who said it could flipping rain!!

its sunny here but that 100 miles away in birmingham

wat you doing there ?

taking a retest for a foreign license ?

nah getting away from your ugly boat race

and why start a thread about borough market and not turn up ! hey !!!


Thank fook its friday!

Have a lovely day today and for those who will be out for the rideout tomorrow see you laterz!!!

Ride safely today in the wet.

mwah mwah

its going not to rain tomorrow

im praying up here that it dosent lol

im down oon my hands and knee

facing mecca

pm sent r,shole

I really wished i was back in Spain as i was riding into work…(cause of the rain obviously).

And also was hoping to test ride some bikes tomorrow so hope it doest rain too much :S

got it arse

Morning All

Mooooooooooornin’ you delicious bunch of bikers