Good morning all

Ive been awake since 3am and i cant get back to sleep.

Still up myself, just got in from route #142 :wink:

I’m working :frowning: - hopefully finish at 0600

Good morning all. Can’t sleep either.

Looks like another fine day.

morning - im up cause someone changed the clock in the bedroom for some silly reason - but am off on the bike at 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Morning nutters!

Go back to bed and get some sleep dammit! :slight_smile:

No time to sleep, i have to paint the outside of the house, clean and fix a bicycle i bought off a friend, go shopping and get the bbq ready.

Good Morning People!!!

Am off to get the babyblade. Smiled is kindly picking me up and taking me to the garage before he goes to work - gold star for Smiled :smiley:

Have a good day folks - its gonna be a hot one :slight_smile:


Morning all

Just off to work…

Have a good day its gonna be rather warm again

Morning! Enjoy the sunshine!! :cool:

Morning!!!:smiley: Got to finish so many things today…workshop being top priority;)

Good morning in the morning:cool:

Just got up after getting to bed at about 4am

It’s another hot’un:cool:

Might have to go for a ride in search of Battenburg:D

Have a good one peeps;)

Morning folks :slight_smile:

afternoon, another lovely day at work

Afternoon! :wink:

I’ve been up since 9.00am, no honestly, but haven’t exactly done a great deal, must have been something to do with last night’s alcohol intake, although I’m not actually hungover.

Saving the bike for Suzuki Sunday tomorrow, end of the month so have to be a tad careful with the beer/petrol tokens, especially as I’m goinbg to see Squeeze at the Excel tonight… :ermm:

I hope everyone is having a good day?!? :smiley:

evening all! well had a rather busy and warm day at work! was knackered from the mad dash rideout last night to bucks, good fun though…:slight_smile:
oh and good news my can is ready! woot!:stuck_out_tongue:

Bit late but Morning all :smiley:

Could have done without having to work in this heat after Route #142 last night :rolleyes:

All done now though :cool: