Morning all
Looks nice and sunny outside and a bit chilli, so becarefull out there.
Today the kids and i are going to the British Museum.

Morning All:)

You mind they don’t keep you in there john;):smiley:

good morning all.

Morning all :smiley:

good morning everyone.

have a good day, ride safe

Morning children and adults and JohnP ;):stuck_out_tongue: Smashing day up here in the frozen north, blue sky, sun and still air, perfect.

morning all!

tis a lovely morning…almost summer…not long now!!!

Morning all, don’t get blinded by that big ball of fire in the sky (if I remember rightly its called the sun, hasn’t been seen for ages)

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Morning! YeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rode to work on this beautiful wednesday morning and when i got in I found i didnt need coffee!! I was more than awake, alert and happy!!!:slight_smile:

Morning all. Nice and sunny roads are dry, tyres are warm. Enjoy the day in the museum, it is just 2 minutes from where I work!

Morning. Had a good ride in :smiley:

Off out on the bike today seeing as i have just resigned from new job, might as well make the most of the weather :smiley:

Mornig all


good moaning:D;):smiley:

Well its my day off today, so im going to specsavers to collect me new Gogs, im gonna look like the milkybar kid me thinks…:stuck_out_tongue:


looks like good weather for my weekly ride down to Ticehurst and back this evening, really looking fwd to it now :slight_smile:

good morning everyone! hope ur all riding safe!

Good morning one and all:D What a lovely day,perfect for riding around the West End looking busy!!!