Good morning everyone, much more chillier today.

Ride safely.

Morning Paul.

Good morning all. Ride very safely, stop at no red lights and keep eyes peeled for homocidal lunatics!

Just nipped out to police station to sort producer out. All done and dusted. Up at 5am as neck/back/legs too sore to let me sleep.

Morning :slight_smile:

Morning all…

i too am up at the crack of a sparrows fart as my ribs were not letting me sleep…

that and an irritating cough t’boot…

ride safe out there and please…be vigilant;)


Morning all

Morning Sony
Morning Shane
Morning Paul

Silly weather today…

yes good morning and a special welcome to makman…agree with you, we should now make it policy not to stop at red lights…:Whistling: hope I dont get another roasting for that comment…

good morning!!! how are we all, smiled i`ll come and see ya soon!, and makman try to stay comftable… and the rest of ya, wear ya high vis!!!:smiley:

morning all…think you need a bib the way you were shovelling grub down ya gob at the meet westy haha :smiley:

morning all lb,s

morning sony

morning george

morning shane hope u are feeling better

Morning all. Hope the new bike is fun Paul.

Good afternoon.