Good Morning my fellow LBers

Hope you all have a good day, im not going to work today as im trying to rest my ankle, so i`ll be on here most of the day.

I hope that you are using the correct medical aids to assist in the recovery of your ankle. I find that the use of a PS3 or XBox 360 does wonders in assisting the recovery of any injuries. With perhaps the exception of groin strain not sure it would help at all. I have even created several medical studies to prove to my other half that they have undergone strict medical tests and do in fact assist with all kinds of stress relief and that they are a cheaper alternative to going down the pub with your mates (although spending several hours on XBox live whilst she is downstairs watching tv didn’t win me any brownie points)

have a good day

Barney :slight_smile:

good flipin morning!!!

wat a day! my daughter is having a hip operation today!(poor little thing) so im a bit stressed!!

morning paul x
morning sony!!

Morning my Angel of Luton.

Hope Chelsea is not going to suffer to much today, i`ll be thinking of her.

morning all lb’s

morning gina hope everything goes well today hun x

morning sony

I hope that it all goes smoothly Gina x

Morning, hope the op is OK Gina.

morning all

just got up as im on a weeks holiday and need sunshine

gina hope it all goes well, we are all thinking of her.