Good morning everyone, not a very bad start to the day although it’s supposed to pour down later on.

Morning Gina

Morning all. Happy Wednesday.

Morning LB,

2 more days to my test !!!

and i get to be boss of my dads business this week!!!

And a good morning all from me.

Been a great week so far for me.

Hopefully some of that will rub off on you Christof ! best of luck with the test matey, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Morning LBers…im off to bed !!! have a good day one and all…hope to see some of you tonight at Borough


Wooo hooo … Friday is a great day for the test as the instructors just wanna bunk off early

Ooooo I’m excited for you Christof, I hope you’ll be riding to Brands when you pass ?

Morning all ! still no bike, trains suck

morning all LB’S

morning gina and adam h x

morning sony

morning jp

morning all, lets hope it stays like it is now for this evening. shame ive got to go to work.

Good Morning Everyone…

Morning everybody, keep it tyres down today !

Saw my new bike in the shop last night, looks very green Should have it this weekend - anybody want to bet how long it takes me to scuff this one ? More or less than the 6 days it took for the last one

oh good morning troops!, i will be out later at bmm, im off today just fitted my new mra screen to the tiger and off to dvla to get me plate put on!!

Have a good day!!!