Morning Run - Leaving Ace 9.30/10 am back for 1pm.

Morning peep’s.

So im going for a blast this morning but off to a BBQ this afternoon so figure i would go for a little blast on the mad Italian. 150 ish miles. Usual route out towards Tring taking in the 4146 and ending up at either Ducati Aylesbury or H Cafe.

If its easier then i can meet at the Dome Roundabout on the A41 near watford as we will be going this way anyway, but if its more than 2 bikes i will head in to the ace to pick people up.

Pace will be brisk, no 125’s or first time out/commuter riders. Please make sure your bike is road worthy, your insured and your able to ride at your own pace.

Corner system will be used if its more than 3 bikes, please respect each other and the road. No Lawn mowers!!! 100% ***** more than welcome, no Harleys or Choprockers.

Im meeting Alex Gold at 10am at the Shell on the dome roundabout incase we pick up a last minute straggler.

Good run, apart from the nearly unrideable road near tring! Puts the prickwillow road to shame that one!

twas fun so it was, i don’t think that road is so bad, its like a massage as you go along!!:w00t:

I must admit it’s probably easier if you can use your front brake without going into a headshake…gotta sort out that stuck piston and give it another go!