Morning ride and Superbike Mag's impression of me...

2day morning was late for uni so was in a slight rush to get into london. i was goin up the A23 when i stopped at the lights in streatham…and a R1 with yoshis and a 1098s come out of nowhere!
was wkd seeing them blast through brixton…they cudnt even shake me off either!
a few times i got in front of that 1098 cos he seemed a bit more docile… the r1 was weaving through traffic lyk mad…and then when the oncoming lane was open u just hear that v-twin fire up and ping past, chasin the yamaha! [and me redlining it each time to see if i can keep up!]

also elad found this which i thought was wkd…


So there you have it officer.

One individual admitting participating in and witnessing DANGEROUS driving, and the EDITOR of a “respectable” magazine goading him on … under the guise of “basic research” so they can write their articles with… who shall we nick first… ?

Hehe cool, glad you liked the find :slight_smile:

R1 with Yoshi’s - not shewoolf was it??? :slight_smile:

Sounds like her . . . “the r1 was weaving through traffic lyk mad…” :wink:


Love the Superbike cut-out. The popularity of the forums are obviously getting the bike mags a bit rattled then.

Are you guys on here regular mag readers?