Morning...I think - I'm a bit confused - I think I need my bed

I’ve just got home. I’d been at work since 0600 yesterday morning. Left at 0100. I can’t see straight I’m so tired. I have to be up at 7am (at the latest) with the kids…please can I have some sympathy or something…

im with ya mate…was up early and have worked hard all evening…now i am compiling reports and sooo tired mate…

i cant see strait also so will knock it on the head tonight…

feel ya brother…


im nackerd so im off to bed aswell!

good morning tho everyone :w00t:

Bloody lightweights:P

I’ve been up since 0700 yesterday and just thinking about going to bed.

The youngsters of today…;):smiley:

Im on a long rideout today and i dont have to leave my house till 8am but for some stupid reason i was fully awake at 4 am.

Morning Troops

A tad wet out there at the mo, not heavy just spitting, so take care if your out and about later.


Morning AGAIN:D

morning morning…

All confused today, not sure whether to go out for a ride, could go along to the hein gerike in welling to see their sale… OR could just sit on my ar$e all day and watch the golf which is an appealling option…

someone help! :slight_smile:

morning, know how you feel, also shattered