Morning all

Good morning evryone, looking a little wet out there today.

Im on my way down to the BCR laters

lightning stt





not many on atm


Very very wet here in Petts Wood.

Damn damn damn!

Morning all
Suppose to be going on a ride out today but if the rain doesnt stop i shant as its too wet.

Good morning good people.

Wet here in Slough too.

Pissing down here in North london, really crap day. Its cold as well, just put the heating on in the house!
If your out for a ride, best of luck!! I am staying in!:wink:

morning! :slight_smile: see if it clears up for newbie nite at the Ace :wink:

is that today is it??? maybe see you in the evening if it clears up then;)

well I remember inviting you for cakes yesterday before it rained, but not getting a decision :hehe:

is that the cake shop inbetween the two mini roundabouts connected to the petrol station?

Morning all. Pouring down here in SE London. I’ll be taking the car to Laguna Triumph in Maidstone today if I can to have a look at a couple of jackets…

Morning from persistent drizzle land.

Morning All! Yep seems it is wet all over today…but its not gonna stop me from doing the Essex Air Ambulance run to Harwich :smiley: Ta.Ta! what ever yuo are up to…Have a good one! :wink:

Morning all :smiley:
Beeing wisked away today by the fella, taking me to see a musical, lion king!!! lol should be a laugh

I’m off over to the dark side (south of the river) to take a mate around a few bike shops today, would like to get some new boots too that will keep my feet dry!

I’ll probably head up the Ace a bit later on to see whats going on! :slight_smile:

Good lad, it seems to have put a stop to the BCR today as i found out when i got down there.

Still hammering it down up here, gona go back out in it shortly

G’day LB!

Nope, further down the hill, Swains lane…