Morning all

no ‘good mornings’ yet? :w00t:

you lot not still sleeping are you… :stuck_out_tongue:


good morning

Morning all. Lovely bright day. Been at work for a little while now.

Morning all.

Weather’s a little better than yesterday morning!

Have a good one.

Morning…it’s lovely and sunny here in essex thank god as i’m taking kids to the zoo…might just leave them there:w00t: well if they start arguing!:wink:

Hope everyone is well this morning:D

morning campers…:w00t:.


Morning all! :smiley:

Guten Morgen meine Freunde
dobry moich przyjaciół

सुबह मेरे अच्छे मित्र

dobro jutro moji prijatelji

dobré ráno, moji přátelé

hyvää huomenta ystäväni

bonjour à tous mes amis

καλημέρα φίλοι μου

buon giorno i miei amici
صباح الخير يا اصدقائي

morning all…which zoo you going to wasp…I am a member of Marwell Zoo…oh and my two cows are pregnant…well done euan…the bull

Morning every body have a good day:)

Fairly early today morning

Morning!!! :smiley:

Me’s tired today… want to go back to bed! :slight_smile:

Oh good morning all.

SALUT! :slight_smile:

morning campers :slight_smile:

Good morning :slight_smile:

Morning all :smiley:

Went to go to the Herts meet last night, got near Elstree and in pee’d it down, stopped at a petrol station to wait for it to pass, waited 45 mins and then went back to the Ace, bloody british weather!!!

Morning! It’s grim, grey and drab here in Camberley so I’ve brought some sunshine for us all to share

Errr…is that sun made out of coloured condoms!!! or it just me!!

buenos días, cómo es cada uno? :smiley: