Morning all

Morning all nice and sunny out, about time someone did the roll call again to see whose on parade, and not just the fugglies in the corner eh JP ? :D:P

Morning :slight_smile:

Good morning!!

it is a nice day today!! Best way to start the week!!:slight_smile:


Good morning world

Mornin’ all… :smiley:

Good morning all. :slight_smile:

oyeoye! Only working nights this week so shouls be sleeping, however… I have yet to take the CBR out on a motorway…Bring it on! :smiley:

Morning all, lovely day here in London it is.

Good morning all!

How are you? Nice weekend?

Mine was pretty cool :smiley:

Have a good day x

Morning all :smiley:

Morning all, on a day off, so its an extended weekend for me, off shopping today in Liverpool and then off to The maritime museum to see the History of Gay sailors…:smiley:

Mornin peeps :slight_smile:

Morning All.

It’s a crime being sat in an office on a lovely day like this :cool:

Morning guys, a bit late on parade today, heavy weekend :sick:


have a great day y’all

Afternoon all, the working day for me is nearly over. It only started at 13:15.

Such a nice way to start the week. :cool:

Afternoon all
Been in bed most of the day with my bad back from Saturdays fall, so another days pay lost, hope to go back to work tomorrow.

What the hell happened John? :frowning: