morning all

gud morning all hope ur all feeling better than me :sick:

morning, no im not as ive gone back to work today


Feeling great! Just woke up, and now getting ready to clean the bike:)

Morning all.

Feels great to be back at work…NOT, took me about an hour an a half to get in on the train/sardine can, should only take about 45 mins. Roll on friday!!

well im sick as a dog on my day off! it sucks! hate man flu :smiley:

morning all good day here…just thinking whether to pop off to site on me 10 for the afternoon but those naughty storm clouds seem to be moving in fast…hmmm…

Just about still macp morning :slight_smile:

Afternoon lovelies:)

Just had a macP row over the phone with PC shop, trying to get me tower back:w00t:

Might resort to the old catapult and golf balls:D:D:D:D

lucky bastard :slight_smile: i wish I could to the same to my one… heh if i had any fairings on :stuck_out_tongue:

Just means that you can clean the bits hidden by the fairing.

Anyway Morning All, I hope that the insanity levels are off the charts and that you all have a kumquat day!?!

Good evening all.