Morning all,

Looks like it’s going to be a dry one today, take care please and have a great day, after all it is Friday!

morning! have a good day, see some of you at poppins later!

Morning :slight_smile:

I bet Sony still woke up at the usual time :stuck_out_tongue:

Morning All! Its…Friday!:smiley: have a good day and a great week-end.

Morning all, will see a few of you down poppins later. I’ll be in the car bringing the one arm bandit and the Ginger one.

morning all lb’s

morning sony

morning tiger x

morning george

Morning people, lovely day today. Where’s Sony?

Morning Paul

morning Westie

morning all, cracking day innit :slight_smile:

Moring all, only just got up, the joy of having a day off.

Ugh your all early birds, i only just got up :stuck_out_tongue:

i just logged in so good afternnon now…cold legs from not putting thermals on…silly me…will put them on when i go back…

Good afternoon all.