Morgan. A company full of surprises.

Well, it’s not a motorcycle, or might be if you don’t have a car licence.

I was sceptical about the rumour sculling around that Morgan were about to start building three wheeler again when I posted under the Morgan/Motorcycles topic. Now it can be told as it’s official. Morgan are going to start building 3 wheelers again. The last one they built was in 1952.

They have remained loyal to their roots and are again using JAP (J A Prestwich) engines*, this time a 1300 cc V Twin. (Presumably Matchless V twins are a bit difficult to come by.)

I assume the rules about “no reverse gear/it’s a trike” and classed as a “combination” still exist?

Not clear if they are sticking to the ash chassis.

(* Those under a certain age may have to Google JAP/J A Prestwich)

Presumably they have two wheels at the front?:slight_smile: