More Presents for ME!!!

Right on time…another shipment of fun bits for my bike arrived today.

(Nevermind the fact that as I type this, it’s 17 degrees F outside with freezing rain/sleet. )

Spring will roll around again…and my bike will be ready!


Lovely jubly! They’ll look smart once installed. Remember to take photos Are you going to adjust the fueling for the new air-filter?

I’m considering going the Power Commander route…not sure if I’d do a “full tune” or just download a map from the PC site that fits my air filter/exhaust combination. I need to study the subject more to understand the pros/cons of each option.

mate its well worth geting the power commander and having it set up.

its seems like a lot of cash but

A: you will be using a lot more gaz.
B:The trottle will be snatchy and fluffy.

The download maps are rubish trust me.

I just had mine done again and its soooo sweeet now.

I cant Believe how much better it is.

makes the bike easyer and much more fun to ride.

personaly now, i wouldnt fit and aftermarket can/filter without bugeting for ajusting the fueling

Quality advice…and much appreciated.

I’ve been talking to a friend of mine in Oklahoma City…he knows of a shop in his area that does sport bike tuning…he says he has had both his TL-R1000 and Hayabusa tuned there and swears the guys work is top shelf.

I’m thinking that may be the best answer then…get the Power Commander and have Tim tune my bike.