More Pictures of Chatel

Due to popular demand, I have posted some more pictures of Chatel, this are from the weekend of the 5th and 6th December 2008.

Normal pose for me, fag and wine glass in hand!

Looks brilliant! I guess you’ve been skiing then? Is it normally like this at this time of year or has it been a particularly good year so far for snow? :slight_smile:

Yep went skiing Saturday and Sunday in a metre of powder snow, fantastic.

Some years the snow conditions are like this, and some years there is no snow to January, so yes, it is a very good start to the year.

You lucky person… looks like fun, I’d love to go there…

Let me know when, it’s easy to arrange

I can’t go:(

I have 4 kids to help look after, I have an op next week & my youngest child needs an op in January…so the rest of the winter’s pretty tied up…oh and I have my drssings changed every day by a district nurse and I have about 2 appointments a week at various clinics & hospitals… it’s almost like being at work I’m so busy!

Was thinking about April, you may be fit enough by then, if not, time in the summer, and if you book it now, it will give you something to look forward to.

Looks lovely Dawn:)

Nice to hear you managed to get a bit of skiing done between “refreshment breaks”;):smiley:


Skiing won’t be skiing without the refreshment breaks! as long as they are the only breaks that you have.:wink:

when I was younger and Wengen was a more staid resort it was ski>barski>ski>restaurant>ski>bar>sleep, now I’m afraid with the passing years and a more modern outlook its S>bar>K>bar>I>etc etc :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sounds very familiar:)

Very Christmassy!!! :smiley:

and warmer than it is here, or it feels like it!

The town looks quiet or is that the snow making it seem empty?

That is what the village is like most of the time, except during school holidays in February!