MORE- off road Event

So, done the More event yesterday.
It took 3 hours to get there and when I arrived the track looked great, bikes were buzzing around and it looked like a good laugh. As I was early I had a bit of waiting around to do before it was my session, but as Bryan and Amit were on the morning session I hqd people to chat too.
I really wanted to be on the KTM 's so I made my way early to the sign in and made sure I got in the KTM crew. After a briefing where we were introduced to so real talented instructors (some of which where multiple world champions) we where put into groups of 2 groups of 5 within the manufacturers teams (this is where it all started to go wrong for me!!
I got put with 4 people who have never even been on a geared bike before!! One bloke actually said “ill be OK, I ride a Honda Cub 90 to work!” I thought maybe he was joking, turns out he was deadly serious!

We started off learning by going round s small circle so we could get used to the bike and putting your leg out to stop it falling over, it was at this point I realised what the day was going to be like! This lot couldn’t even ride in a circle!! The ones that didn’t fall off drove straight into the barriers! I couldn’t really go round the circle propely as if I wasnt being held up by one of them I was playing dodge the fallen bike!! As a result we didnt get out on the big track for ages, I was left watching people fly round looking like they where having a great laugh. When they finally decided the others where safe enough to go on the proper track we headed out, I was pleased cos I thought we were going to have some proper fun now, Nope!!! As they were not very confident the ride was slow and boring, if the instructors weren’t such nice blokes (and seriously talented) I think I wouldve called it a day after the 2nd go on the big track, but out of respect for those guys (who do a great job and must have REAL patience) I decided to stick it out, on the 3rd loop I decided to grab tge quickest bike and push to the front to see if I could push the pace a little, we did start going a bit quicker and it was a bit more of a laugh but we soon had to stop to let the rest catch up!

All in all I would say that this day is aimed at people with little to know motorcycle experience at all rather than just off road experience, if you have half a clue how to ride you will have the basics sorted and this may bs a bit boring for you. However, it has made me want to do an off road endurance day, they are £200 and I will try and do a deal with them like the Ron Haslam day if enough people are interested.

Sam, have got an off road? I have a work mate who does enduroes, he’s doing one this weekend, 6 laps at 20 mins per lap through Forrest at club level. Sound great fun.

Shit mate! I guess it’s down to the group. Because Amit and I had competent peers we got on to the main track pretty quickly and were not held back too much. It was ok as a taster but definitely aimed at the tame end of introductions! I had to make my own entertainment! Deco up for a proper off road trading day though now!

Yes bri, definitely luck of the draw. The suzuki team went out really early and were flying along. I was just really unlucky with my group I think.
James, no I dont have one but I do want one :slight_smile:

you can ask to swap manufacturers

I think you’re best served by turning up in a group of people with similar abilities. I was in a group of six or seven and we were out relatively quickly, even with the peculiar sexism. Once you’ve got the hang of it then it’s worth ignoring a bit of the instructors’ advice to make it a bit more fun, too.

Not to rub it in but… I was on the 1st session with Bryan…and KTM… was a great morning session and was feeling upto trying to stick around and see if there was space in the afternoon session…As it happened, Sam got in with the KTM gang and I got chatting to a bloke from Honda and looking at my Blade and the older generation blades in general… (Dave Thorpe - Owner of Dave Thorpe Honda Off Road - only 3 times World Motorcross World Champion)… he said not a problem and to follow him into Team Honda camp… Managed to get into the session without paying (I did tell him that I had not paid… or did it slip my mind ? )… anyway, I had a blast on the Hondas… During the sales pitch about getting into the sport and £2k would get you up and running, they mentioned that we were automatically put into a draw to win a FULL DAY EXPERIENCE near Cardiff… Guess what… Email confirmation just came through… £200 quid off road session free of charge coming my way… Not contacted them to arrange the date but was wondereing if anyone else would be interested in a Day Out there… maybe I could contact him for pricing if there was enough interest… bring it on !!

you jammy git!!!

yes i would go with you

let me know some dates so when i call them, i will try and do it around that ! (and anyone else that may fancy it too)

any dates that don’t coincide with any BSB dates

Ok, will let you know…