More Jocks!

Hello all,

Or should I say WATCHA!

I was at the Borough tonight for the first time. I really appreciate the friendly welcome. And I will definitely be back. I’ve only been back in the country for one week (after 16 yrs offshore) and I am really impressed by the cordiality of other bikers, cabbies, couriers, etc here in London. Not so impressed by cameras. What the hell are all those cameras for?

A friend recommended I bike satnav/tomtom/garmin (whatever). Not for learning how to get about but for heads-ups on cameras. There ain’t half a bunch of them all over. What’s going on with that? Phhrrrp.

My digs are brill and I am well pleased to be staying in Hackney (Kingland Road way) nearer Old Street and around the corner from the Honda dealer. Which is great, since I ride a 2007 Transalp. Me and the TA did 8000miles this summer around the Alps and down to Rome which was brilliant. Definitely could have done with more poke on the motorways but roughing over some snow, ice, loose chips and horrendous pot-holes high up in the mountains - well, those 21 inch wheels sucked it up.

I am not a speed freak. More of a jaunt-to-places-I-cannot-pronounce kind of biker; then arrive there wherever, bang the bike up the 6inch kerbs and dump it, off road - to proceed with drinking heavily. So, I tend to favour up-right-enduros. Although, given what I saw tonight, there are some beautiful machines, new and old, with lots of grunt. I could be tempted to come to the dark side…

Thanks again for the welcome and I look forward to coming again next Wednesday.



Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome fella, tis Newbie night down the Ace on the first Monday of the month, though the turnout migh not be brilliant (fair weather riders eh :wink: )

Welcome to LB, Graeme!

That’s Motoden - some bad stories of service etc relate to there - but I know someone who rates the chief mechanic (former Kawasaki race team mechanic) You are not far from me - I’m further up Kingsland Rd in Dalston.