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‘Needless risks’ in police chases


Mr Hardwick said he was concerned at the number of motorcycles and mini-motorcycles now involved in accidents.

“The IPCC believes that pursuit or motorcycles can be particularly dangerous as the rider is much more vulnerable than a driver or occupant of a car and the tactical options for bringing the pursuit to an end are very limited,” he said.

“The danger is that officers initiate a pursuit and without any tactics available to end it simply wait until ‘something happens’.”


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Not being funny, but how does restricting them make them any safer? They still can’t “do anything until something happens”

I couldn’t give two shakes of a monkeys tale what happens to the rider when they have stolen the bike.

Indeed, although if they are in a built up area then they could hit someone else more easily…

Have you seen that youtube vid of the spainish ‘terrorist’ who asked for a motorbike to escape on? Of course they gave it to him, he legged it down the street, where they just pulled a car out in front of him…stopped him pretty quick there…:smiley:

It’s as much a criticism of a lack of coordination and the fact there is still not one police force rather than the various local forces each doing their own thing.

While I believe police have a duty of care to criminals when they are in custody I feel the UK needs to adopt the US method…

You do whatever it takes to apprehend the son of a biaaaatch, then pay them a duty of care (first aid, call ambulance, whatever). I have seen US police videos where a cop car would ram a suspect on a motorbike if they failed to stop. Then sort out their broken arm.

The UK are not allowed to chase boys on peds for fear they might hurt the rider. ******! dyck head shouldn’t run then.