moped, scooter, bike? - electric, automatic, manual?

Need a moped, scooter or 125cc bike. Do I get electric, automatic or manual, petrol?

No idea. Help!

Commute daily 25 miles (and 2 days another 5 miles to University)

cheers, Jo


How about introducing yourself before asking questions, we reguard that as rude.

Charming as ever JP!

Jo, I am sure a friendlier person that knows about scooters will be along to help soon :cool:

I know lots about scooters as ive been riding them for years now, but i wont answer any questions till we have a proper introduction.:wink:

hello whoever u are

yamaha dt125 is a good bike

Hello and a friendly welcome to LB:D;)

Welcome Jo !! I think, from personal experience, a decent 125 bike will be just the ticket. Do your CBT (Motag are good) and then see what kind of bike suits you best. I think by getting a bike, rather than a scooter, you’ll have more range and then maybe will want a bigger bike over time. Do feel free to join in the fray and give as good as you get - you get some friendly folks on here too:):slight_smile:

Welcome Jo!

I’m biased and would say you want to get a geared 125. I have been riding a Yamaha YZF-R125 and it’s brilliant (ahem It’s for sale <-- Self promotion mode off). Depends what you want out of the experience in the end. If it’s just A to B with no frills, then go with a scooter. But I’d say if you do, don’t get a 50cc, you’ll find it underpowered amongst London traffic and 125 just gives you enough oomph to get yourself off infront of traffic at lights etc.

Nope, just you that always goes on about how rude it is and end up sounding rude yourself :wink:

Welcome Jo and I hope you find the advice you need here on LB :smiley:

Hi Jo, do you have any experience around bikes at all? I’m guessing this is your first bike am I right? What have you looked at so far if anything?

When I was first looking I couldn’t make up my mind what I liked and had little idea what would suit me. I quickly found out that many bikes and scooters were out because I am a bit of shorty. I only found this out by paying my local dealer a visit and getting on a few. I chose a 125cc Suzuki Marauder in the end. I would definitely recommend going to a few local dealers have a browse and see if you are drawn to any particular style of bike. You don’t have to buy just look. I would definitely go for a 125cc though, weather you go for a twist and go scooter or a geared bike it’s always good to have the power that you won’t get from a 50cc. Good luck in choosing let us know what you decide. Oh and welcome to LB :smiley:

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