Monster Munch is BACK!

Wow! :w00t:

Just finished off my first pack of new / old monster munch (roast beef flavour) and they were the nuts!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d forgotten how small they’d actually made them in the last couple of years; glad they’ve seen sense and made them big again… more packets please!!! :smiley:

I think beefy flavoured crisps are the way to go… none of this ‘ready salted’ rubbish! :slight_smile:

Monster Munch - usually washed down with a carton of ‘Umbongo’ back in the day. :slight_smile:

I too bought a pack of monster munch today.

Beef??? Sorry, with Monster Munch the only flavour option is pickled onion.

Nope, beef is the one, but even though the size is better, the texture is different.

My wife came home the other day all pleased with herself, " they’ve made them big again" she cried, and from her bag pulled out a packet of Roast Beef Monster Munch!!
Hey ho, Who am I to judge ???:smiley:

where the heck have i been cos i did’nt even know they went away:blink: but now the there back i’ll have a pack :smiley:

thats wot i was thinking to.:hehe: flamin hot i like mind you i like all off them:)

Totally agree. Pickled onion is THE flavour for Monster Munch. And Walkers crisps for that matter. Pity you can hardly get the latter anywhere these days. Or tomato sauce flavoured crisps; I used to love those.

walkers it will have to be marmite for me:P

Roast Beef Monster Munch Rock!!!:cool:

i bought the whole stock of my local shop:w00t:

Tut There’s just no pleasing some people is there!? :smiley:

Remember the Salt and Vinegar flavour. It was brutal made all the others seem rather tame. Pickled Onion is also a winner, Beef is good but the Flaming Hot Flavour just doesn’t cut it.

Got loads of the Flaming hot varity in my cupboard at home, you used to have to buy a multipack of all the flavours to get 2 packs of roast beef… they are of the ‘smaller’ varity though… thought I might bring them on Saturdays toy run and try and palm them off on an unsuspecting biker…! :smiley:

umm flaming hot bring me some:D. hum never actully had beef u no hum might have 2 buy some and might gt converted loool:P