Monday 5th a pointless rideout

Damn I meant Monday 8th

I’ve got the day off work so thought I would spend some time getting to know my new bike… If anyone wishes to keep me company I’ll be setting off from Haywards Heath around 12 or 13.

Direction unknown, likely Surrey, Sussex or Kent, route will be very much planned on the spot.

If it rains I won’t be going out as I will most likely cancel my day off

Rain tomorrow from 9am until 2pm, I’m afraid.

I meant Monday 8 th… Got my days confused :smiley:

Im off Monday so possibility for me… been wanting a ride out too on the new poney. Im an hour away from you though in SW London :-/


Awww man…I would love to…just checked location, too far to meet I’m based in SE5

I could be tempted :smiley:

I might be up for that, rocknrolla I live in Bedfont if you want to meet up for the ride there?

That sounds good mate, ill be ready by about 12:30 - 1 if thats ok. Have to pick little one up from school and drop at nan’s. Might have a +1 to join us also

No rideout is pointless. Especially on a schoolday. Enjoy it. :slight_smile:

I thought ‘pointless’ was a reference to an expiring score on the paperwork?

OK so opposite the train station. in Haywards Heath is a petrol station… Can meet up with peeps there and work out where to go. If I have time tomorrow i will play with tyre to come up with something. Time still TBC as need to check what time I will take care back

Rocknrolla where do you want to meet for the ride to hayward heath? Time?

Ok mate, myself and mate will meet 1st available place to stop after m25/m23 junction as he is from swanley. I see its easy for you to jump on m25 so you happy to meet there? Say 1 - 1:15?

Serrisan does timing suit you?

Kna there is a place to stop just before roundabout by m25 here… kt20 6ab. There is nowhere to stop on m23 as suggested earlier. What you think?

Rocknrolla. I was thinking of coming down the a24 then left onto the a272 just to minimise the motorways. Meet everyone at Haywards heath??

Have fun chaps. We’re not jealous really at all :slight_smile:

Ok mate, like the way you think. im not too familiar with the area so ill follow ur lead. Im in new malden so just tell me where to meet you :wink:

Hey folks - sorry been absent because was working weekend in Cheltenham and only got back. Timings seems ok, nivag was going to meet up at 1 but by the sounds of it, you guys will be here around 1.30ish? Keep looking at this thread, there may be more updates tomorrow :smiley:

From New Malden the easiest way is to jump on A3> A243>M25>M23, come off at jct10a - the road from 10a to the station is pretty decent :slight_smile:

Also, just to make clear - I’m still getting to grips with the bike after 6 months off and after an off so won’t be hooning about

Gonna do a little route checking see what I can create but it’s likely going to be an ‘exploration’ :smiley: