Momo Helmets - Do They Come Free?

This week I’ve noticed that almost everyone riding a Vespa type scooter wears a Momo Design helmet - so much so that I counted this morning how many Vespa type bikes I could spot that didnt have Momo helmets and there wasnt 1!

Nothing wrong with them or anything, just something I’ve observered over the last few weeks - must be the ‘in’ helmet or something

Must be all about ‘Cappocino Culture’ Style

Rarely do they seem to g o for fullface - or even flips…

No, fashion wnakers just haven’t quite cottoned on to the fact that if you get the “must have accessory”, you are no longer fashionable, you are a member of an idiot herd.

When they all realise that they’ll realise how stupid the idea of unique fashion actually is. Maybe then the world will be a better place.

“I’m so egotistical I want to stand out in the corwd, so to dothat I’m gonna buy/weaer/eat/shop at/holiday in the same places as everyone else…I’m soooooooo unique”

How can so many educated people be SOOOOOO thick?

Baby J is a good salesman, everytime I’m in there someone is buying one.

Glad to see you’re still with us and you didn’t breawk down on the way back from college mate!

Alive and kicking and antagonising as many as I can.
Cheers for last night. All help is much appreciated.
I got home, and dragged it down to teh garage this morning doing 20 and boosting the egos of allt eh mopeds who sped around me feeling like they’d jsut achieved something real special.
The mechanic took listened, looked at the bike and did the usual, Oooh face, and I’m waiting now to hear how much I’m gonna get scragged for…

At least I’m alive, and next week WE GET OILY,
Can’t tell you how happy I am about that…
And for those of you wondering, this isn’t me and Macp alone in a bucket of grease with champagne, we’re back at school, studying bikes!

(Class report to follow, keep an eye on the articles pages all!)

It was like Christmas and birthdays rolled into one wasn’t it!

Never has the word Library provoked so much excitement!

Saw on with leather on it the other day, oooh!