module 2 test and then what bike (restricted licence)

Hi guys,

Ive got my module 2 test on wednesdays and would appreciate any tips you may have for passing it. Also can someone clarify when you need to do shoulder checks/lifesavers (eg. lifesaver to your right before taking right turn), especially on roundabouts. When are you supposed to give a signal at a roundabout and also what lane to select? Sorry if these are dumb questions.

Hopefully after passing (fingers crossed), im looking to get a bike will something like GSXR 600 restricted be too hard to ride for a someone coming up from a 125?

Thanks in advance for any response.

I went from the R125 to a restricted R6, and loved the new bike. Was scared of the prospect at first but after a few months of getting comfortable was itching to take off the restrictor. What do you want to know in terms of being hard to ride?

Firstly, thanks for your reply mate. What i meant by hard to ride was in terms of handling and the extra power. Also im 5’8" and about 81kg, is my height and weight ok for a big bike?

About fitting on the bike, hard to say as people have different leg sizes etc so best bet is to go sit on some bikes in the showrooms. You can also if you want lower a bike but I’ve been told it affects the handling so decided against this. I can’t flatfoot on my R6 but have learnt to adapt and become comfortable about the ride height now.

Handling and power is significant going from a 125. My R6 does 120 odd mph and accelerates and keeps up with most naked street bikes. I think the biggest difference I found moving up was the extra weight of the bike which was significant for me. I honestly don’t think you’ll find it hard moving up but you’ll find it hard living with the restrictor, will be wanting to take it off! :wink:

Thanks for the info raquib.

I just wana get my licence now and get on the road!

No probs, send me a pm if you want some advice etc. I’ve been through it almost 2 years ago now, my restriction comes off in July! :wink: