Mods for 2003 CBR600F

Hello Everyone!!

Where can I get crash bars made or welded up for my 2003 CBR600F??

Decided I am going to keep my 600 and just sort it out proper, as she works fine but I am getting bored…

This is because she is on 37,000 miles and I have been told I will not get much for a part exchange, so i might as well keep her…

Planning on Power Commander to get rid of flat spot at 7,000 RPM after changing to stainless steel exhaust.

Crash Bars, or roll cage

Streetfighter style bars, maybe…

Change gearing of sprockets, maybe

Braided brake lines

I may have to rework my forks as well, probably start with change of fluid and checking internals to service limits… I just rode a friend’s R1 for a week, and now my CBR forks seem SO SOFT!!! I will crank up the damping a bit and see if they are still controllable first…

So anyone knows where I can get the crash bars done up?? Or has a Power Commander they want to get rid of?? Those are my priorities in this mini-project.

Or anyone knows of any of the above going cheap?? Even second hand??

Any advice, stories, comments welcome… These are just ideas for now, and I don’t want to go too crazy with mods… Yet!!
Thanks in advance…

try 45000 miles
still rides like a beauty! :slight_smile:

I’m just waiting for money to get a new bike and the cbr will become a track bike

Gonna turn mine into a stunter!!! Even before I get a new bike!!! hahaha That way the missus can learn to ride a big bike and I won’t get heart failure from her dropping it!!!

I have had mine since 22,000 miles… You??

i know a guy :wink:

Good, so now I know a guy who knows a guy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Plans set in motion, funds allowing… First things first - Power Commander…

I will keep in touch, Captain!!!

i think around 26k