Modded Ducati

1991 851 frame, 2001 ST4s 996cc engine, wheels, loom, ecu, Ohlins FG43 forks and rear shock, billet calipers, floating discs, spaghetti exhaust system and full QB carbon fairings…

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Front view…

Rear view…


Fucking hell Micky, I’ve not seen you since borough market back in the day. You keeping alright? Downsizing your collection?

That’s lovely!

Wow, what a beautiful bike! Fantastic build, love it.

Welcome back @MickyT :slight_smile: How you keeping?

That is one nice looking bike

Yea I’m doing OK just slowing down, I’ll be 80 in Sep and the missus wants me to pack up…I got punted off the SP4 a few years ago which resulted in a fracture in the C2, broken ribs, collar bone and severe bruising.I had a head and neck brace on for 3 months. All because some muppet on my nearside on a small roundabout suddenly decidedto swing right into me because his SatNav said " turn right".I’m afraid I’m adding to the collection with another project…I was fortunate enough to convince the Insurance engineer that because the bike was one of 500 it had to be saved. So we reached an agreement where I would provide all the labour and source parts and in return he agreed a lump sum paid to me… :: :+1:.


That’s some fine negotiating!

Glad to hear you’re not hanging up your leathers just yet :slight_smile: