Mod & Legal


I’m about to purchase a monster 696 abs. Despite many comments about the price and performance, I still want one as I think this is the most good looking bike in 600cc range.

I will change quite a bit of the bike, bar end mirrors, carbon fender, lever, tail tidy and maybe exhaust.
Not sure will it pass MOT if I fit a smallish bar end mirrors (without original mirrors) and the tail tidy with intergraded tail lights.

I read some posts about failing MOT due to the intergraded indicator takes off half of the brake light when indicating. But this one on eBay is separate light.
Even it can pass MOT, but would it pulled by cops?


A little light reading

Scroll down to Schedule 10 and 12 where you will most likely find the answer you seek

If you want a good looking bike you should probably buy a supermoto.

if you’re worried about it, you could find a different tail tidy with separate lights.

TBH, if it was me, I’d not want to give a car driver any excuse to say “I couldn’t see you indicating” after they hit you

Thanks guys. I better stick with the original indicator.