Mod 2 tomorrow ...

Morning all.

Now that the big day is finally arriving tomorrow I am getting more and more nervous. Quite positive about my roadkill in regards to mirror signal lifesaver and manoeuvre type stuff.

Any tips/ suggestions I need to keep remembering for tomorrow? My test is at 0920 so there could still be some traffic on the road. Am I safe to filter to the front of the queue at traffic lights? Or just stay in the queue? Would you filter at all?


mmmm- anyone with a recommendation whether I should filter during the mod 2 test ? Or just stay in the queue?

if its 5/6 cars away from the lights dont bother, but do look down the line, so to look willing to, and if you do filter, dont go pass the leading car. best of luck, an injoy it.:smiley:

Good luck with the test mate. And yes you can filter on your test, as long as it is safe to do so, as it is a legal manouvre. :wink:

You’re best of just staying in the traffic and not filtering as that’s when things can go wrong. Also a test is a set amount of time and staying in the traffic uses some of it up the examiner wouldn’t be expecting you to filter either as instructors advise against it - well mine did.

As the others have said it’s totally legal but be careful of passing the lead car especially when approaching a Zebra crossing as it’s (I think) illegal.

Good luck and I hope everything goes ok.

as i said look down the line show willing, always a good thing,

my instructure actually said to me on that, go on your shoulders will go through there, the instructurs are not against you, if they see you are in good control of the bike, they will just ride with you:D

For god sake don’t filter on a test, if you even look at a car too close you will fail let alone nic their wing mirror or anything.
The worse situation would be you filtering, traffic moves no one lets you in you panic abit and cause a car to brake hard or change what its doing.
My advice would be just sit in the traffic, your not in a rush on a test, i guarantee the examiner will not filter, remember his bike will be a lot wider and bigger then yours, most likely a Pan-Euro.

Distance - i was tought 3 second rule.
Speed - Limit, stick at it.
Obs - Always check mirrors, life saver etc etc.

The key thing is to look confident but not be over confident - If you think “Oh ill be mr extra safe and slow down to 15 mph for this bend” when you would normally take is comfortably at 25/30, do it… as long as you are safe doing it it will show the examiner you are confident in your riding, just dont be cocky!

Dont brake whilst leaning, remember to cancel indicators, dont stop in the middle of the road to let granny margret cross the road, you are obstructing traffic.

And finally, its not the mistake they will always fail you for - its how you correct it.
If you pull off an r/bout in to the wrong lane dont snap back in to the correct one and hope he doesnt realise, he will. Indicate, life saver, pull back in to lane.

Good Luck!!

Good luck bud :slight_smile:

Don’t listen to what you hear on here! do what your instructor has told you, thats what you have paid all that money for!

Good luck and enjoy:)

Good luck with the test! Let us know how it goes!!!

best advice iv seen on here in a long time

The instant you make another vehicle change speed or direction you fail. Filtering is a really great way of doing this. Cause a car to flinch to the left, or brake to let you in and you have failed. There is simply too much to go wrong and absolutely nothing to be gained.

Thanks everyone for the advice - just came back from a 3 hour ride around south London (205 all the way from Kingston to Bexley/Erith and back) - and tried to “behave” on the road and stick to the rules 100%.

no filtering for me then tomorrow morning - just sit in traffic and wait…

will let you all know how it goes tomorrow

oh and “listen to your instructor” is not really an option - as I have none :slight_smile: just did my CBT a year ago and that’s that…clocking up miles though in London since May last year

i dont think you’ll need to filter on any of the test routes i know from erith…

Good luck MT, let us know how it went. :slight_smile:

God luck for tomorrow and as said before - dont forget those blasted indicators!!!

Best of luck. Do as you have done, stick to the rules, don’t be in a hurry, do your shoulder check, and you should be fine.

I definitely wouldn’t filter on the test, far too risky, and like somebody above said you might as well kill time on the test sitting in traffic if you can. Good Luck!

I PASSED !!! over the moon - still has not sunk in but the L plates are already off :smiley:

fantastic feeling - passed with only 3 minors - positioning and observation…

however it all started really badly - was told to take the 3rd exit at a round about (Mel - the big roundabout to get onto the dual carriageway) but positioned myself in the left hand lane rather than the right hand lane -eeeekh - had to take the first left exit rather than swerving all over the round about - got a lot of “you need to follow instructions” over the radio but at the end he told me I would have failed if I would have taken the 3rd exit so all well and good…

right - now need to look for some bigger engine :smiley:

hahaha, you were probably safer doing the left as traffic doesnt like giving way at that roundabout :D:D

Well done :smiley:

Well done :smiley: