Mobile Tyres

Just a quick heads up Mobile Tyre Fitting

Dukes Tyres run by a bloke called Brian top man biker him self so he knows what its about any tyre any bike even weired and wonderful I would go as far as to say one of the best give him a bell on his mobile 079 8448 2123

Or you can now be emailed [email protected]

thanks m9.

hey is he the fella’ we see with the mobile-tyre fitting van at ace sometime’s?.

Oh yessss also forgot to say he will come to your work, home, ace cafe all by agreement

I use this chap - based near Leatherhead

I wanted to put a vote in for Brian as he took the time to look at a nasty screw I picked up in my brand new tyre the other weekend. He was not ‘on duty’ at the Ace, but was kind enough to give a professional opinion and tell me that I could trust the tyre if we simply pulled the screw out. Everyone tried to help, but none of us could decide if the damage was serious or superficial. Bryan’s opinion was enough of a seal of approval to carry on being happy with the tyre. Hooray! Also, thank you to the tyre task force with your pints of fairy liquid for leek checking and pliers for wrestling with the offending screw. I would have missed the Brighton Burnout without you!


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