Mobile tyre fitter?

Hello all

I’ve just attempted to go out for a ride and have a flat tyre :frowning:

I’m very new to the biking world so this is a first for me…

What do I do!!!? LoL. I’m in Manor House / N4 so if you can reccommend any tyre places that’d be great!

Thanks in advance

are you in the AA -

they will low load you to a tyre shop - essential rubber, Downham Road N1 probably best from N4.

Mobile tyre fitters are few and far between and will cost you a fair bit more.

Is it completely flat - could you ride slowly to your local petrol station and put enough air in to get to the tyre shop?

Thanks for the response.

I wandered down to homebase and got a footpump and started sticking some air in, but it’s literally pi**ing out!! I’ve found a hole :frowning:

I’ve got a recovery policy with my insurer MCE. I’ll try and get hold of Essential Rubber tomorrow and see what they can do. Might get a spare wheel for next time :wink:

Another thing…is there some way of propping up the front end of the bike if I remove the front wheel?

I really am such a n00b!!

you can use a trolley jack under to prop the bike up, position it under the exhaust at the bottom of the bike, this will work on a centre stand or on a side stand,

get yourself a set of paddock stands, also a crafty plug set, you can fix a puncture at the road side with these kits so you can get yourself to a tyre shop or home,

I used a mobile tyre service when I had a flat I can’t remember the full name but he was very good. He was a little more expensive than a tyre shop but only about £10. It was my only option as I had no way of getting my bike to a tyre place that time.

Think it was just Mobile Tyre Service but here’s the number. 07831240643

I would endorse the last post. Steve from Superbike Tyre Ltd based in Croydon just repaired my trail bike rear tyre, in July 2013. Mobile service, van based. 07831 240643 or 0208 661 8600.

For a new rider, you’ve notched up a few bikes :w00t:

Well he’s had 3 years since making that post…

Well as over 4 years have passed, maybe he would :slight_smile: