Mobile tyre fitter Watford area?

God, I am not enjoying trying to sell my bike. I have had loads of charlies on the phone trying to haggle stupid prices before they have even seen my bike. Anyhow, the latest charlie decides he’s gonna come and look at the bike,

From a blocked number:
" Where are ya"
“We’re coming, (disconnection tone)”

No, “Are you in/good time to come round etc”

So I plod into the garage only to see my rear tyre flat as a pancake. For f**ks sake. Pointy stone sticking out of it. So, Any mobile mechanics Watford way? Can’t find any on a quick google.

Plus I have noticed that where I have polished the tank, some of the black plastic trim below where your stomp grips would go has a whiteish tint to it, where I guess some polish has crept over. Any ideas on how to get rid of the stain

Long story, lots of questions. Sorry. Lets hope this latest charlie doesn’t turn up.

He sounds like Reggie Kray.

Well, I have you youtubed tyre removal and now have the tyre in the back of my car. Hope I can just slot the rear disk back into the caliper easily and have two spacers on the floor. I wonder were they came from.

You can use ‘back to black’ which polishes trims on cars that have been smeared with polish and left white marks. Autoglym does an even better one, they only do one and I used it on the car trim the other day and it works a treat. I used ‘back to black’ on my old cbr125 tank trim and looked like new.

Hope it helps

Thanks mate. Managed to sell it as is but will bear that in mind for the next one!