Mobile Surfing

I decided on my boring train journey home yesterday to try logging in to LB. Only problem is, it will not accept my username and password.

Have checked all the settings and dont have any problems on any other sites.

Ideas? or is it just a case it will not work from my phone?

worked OK on my N82 the one time i tried, you may have to fiddle with your browser security settings?

My N73 on T-mobile works a treat :slight_smile:

I’ve never quite grasped this mobile internet lark. :hehe:

Your only just coming to grips with reality mate let alone cyberspace :slight_smile:

Dunno what phone you have got but if you can run Opera Mini on it which is free, then try that.

Or if not, check if you can run the not free but better Opera Mobile.

Get them here



I have the N95 mate. I can access the site no problemo, but I cant log in.

Says the man who orders the wrong numberplate online;):smiley:

The site works on an N95, I’ve confirmed this, including logon. Perhaps it’s your provider or browser settings. You need cookies enabled to log-in.

Will have a look at my settings, cheers.

have this same problem with my blackberry

A lot of phones have very little amount of space dedicated to browser cache, which means it fills up fast, and can block the setting of cookies (which is required for logging in).

Try clearing the cache in your phone’s browser, then try logging in again. You may have to clear the cache regularly… like i said, most phones dont allocate much space, and therefore it fills up fast.

Just to confirm, on HTC Touch Pro (Opera Mobile) browsing and logging in on LB works fine.

i use it on my n95 all the time, works no probs :smiley:

Cheers, still cant get it to work, admittedly, havent tried for a long time though.