Mobile Phones / Driving-Riding

I’ve seen it all now.

I was riding into town yesterday, sat at some T/lights and next to me was a scooter, you know the sort, city type not dressed right for being on a scoot in cold weather, normal jacket with those cover things over his legs…his mobile rings…he gets it out of his pocket and starts chatting (me is thinking , he better make it quick as the lights will change soon) now you know where iam going dont you :-/ ya …the lights change , and off he go’s, right hand on the twist n go , left hand still using the phone, got it on speaker so he has it just in front of his face… i follow him for about 1/2 a mile passed several T/lights in and out of a couple of taxis, before we go different ways…him still riding one handed.

How the hell can we as bikers educate the tin drivers not to use their phones , when they see TW*TS like that.

That’s just amazing… what on earth was he on… I must admit I’ve laughed at the amount of cyclists I’ve seen of late texting whilst riding… but it’s still the cage drivers that worry me… lorries in particular… has the law changed yet about making it an endorsable offence with a £60 fine? Problem is of course that speed cameras can’t tell if you’re on the phone and with fewer actual traffic police on the road… who’s going to pull the offenders!?

This is not a scooter rider, this is a car driver who has a fashion accessory with two wheels!!