Mobile Motorcycle Mechanic - Do they exist anymore?

There was a time 10-15 years ago when there were a few mobile mechanics who regularly used this forum.

Are there any out there?

Any MMM you would recommend?

I’m looking for someone who understands setting the timing properly on an old Brit twin and knows his/her way around tuning Amal carbs

Thanks in advance!

They all got old and retired, but saying that Boyer Bransden are still producing electronic ignition kits for old brits.

That’s my problem, there was a time when every set of railway arches in London held a bike garage that could do the stuff and as you say they have retired or gone to that great ride out in the sky…

The only bike workshops near me (two of them) are only up to fixing punctures, changing sparkplugs and fitting new batteries…I visited one and there must of been ten bikes all over the place with there wiring out and the bits strewn all over the place including a DRZ cylinder head lying in the oily mud in their yard…didn’t inspire confidence!

There is one guy I know, completely forgot about him. He called me in the other day to sort out an alarm problem. He’s old school like me, works out of what used to be Bracken MW in Bermondsey. Can give you his number if you like.

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Hey Sparkyelite
Sounds just the ticket - if you can post me his number that would be great!