Hey folks. Looking for a mobile mechanic to come change my bars, sort my footpeg and generally look over my bike after my little crash.

I have tomorrow off work, and Thursday too.

How much am I likely to be charged? Please get back asap :slight_smile:


Did Shiver or Hannibal not offer to help you?

The did indeed, but I am itching to get riding, and I figured that its worth paying up in order to get it done ASAP. Spending a fortune on bus fairs right now ;[

Unfortunately, most people work when I’m at home, and are free when I’m working!

Need a hand give me a shout.

thanks Katana, will message you if I’m stuck at some point :smiley:

If you can’t get a mobile mechanic, your workshop will probably come and collect the vehicle for a fee then you can go and collect it to ride it home.

Well have the tools and can give you a hand to do it.

Changing bars is quite easy and straight forward.

I’m available friday, if that helps!

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