Mobile bike mechanic Bromley area?

I have recently landed a nice new job but it involves long hours and no time to take my bike into a garage.

The bike needs new rear wheel bearings and the rear shock needs a re-build (assuming that will cost less than a replacement). There are also a couple of other minor bits that need sorting out.

I’m after a mechanic who can come and collect the bike, do the work and deliver it back shipshape afterwards.

Any recommendations?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is a bike repair shop in se9 :slight_smile:
R&P motorcycles

Try chris roffrey motorcycles based in Biggin Hill. Not used him personally, but has good reviews and offers motorcycle pickup by the looks of it.

Isn’t ADZ still trading? He covers all London

Seeing as you are in Bromley area, do not use Linkways. They are appalling! Several places do collect bikes and return them. Best thing is to phone and get a quote for works to be carried out.

Not sure, but I don’t think so as my brake disc funds have not yet been recovered :wink: I think he could do with the trade though if he is still going.

Hels, you’re a good lass with a heart of gold but WTF are you thinking!?!?
He totally screwed you around and ripped you off whilst still owing you money and here you are pointing work his way!?
Id NEVER use him again!

When he did my gsr engine swap he lost some bolts and fitted different bolts on the tank bracket. So 1 of the 4 were different sizes and he didn’t tell me. Then he used the relatively new engine oil from my old motor which had a destroyed gearbox to fill the new motor. Admittedly I asked him to do this but he didn’t tell me it was a crap idea. I didn’t know much about bike mechanics back then so knew no better.
Let me see… Oil with potential metal swarm in it from a bust motor into a new motor which cost me £800 to buy and fit.
I was given a right dressing down by Matt and got made to change that oil pronto. A decent mechanic would have told me to get stuffed.
He might know his way around a bike but his quality and customer care is apalling!

fair enough, didnt know about all this so apologies for suggesting him.

It’s ok sugartits :slight_smile:

Also, Alba, my rant wasn’t to you. It was to Helen for being too nice :slight_smile:

Although, I can call you a bitch if that makes you feel better :laugh::kiss:

dont worry sweetcheeks, i got it :smiley:

Mark Holden Motorcycles used to come recommended. Haven’t been there in a while but might be worth some research?

Ollie Lewin, ex of Premier Motorcycles, is the best mechanic I’ve ever had do work for me. Totally recommend him.

He specialises in Suzuki but does other makes as well.

Congrats on the new job :slight_smile:

Thanks Nich, I tried the Biggin Hill outfit for something a while back but got no response to a couple of messages so left it.

Will look up R&P and Mark Holden. Thanks Jaime and fatkat.

Apparently, there is a guy working out of the garages behind Powertune in Coney Hall but a bit of an unknown quantity (to me) so your suggestions are gratefully received.

Shame about Adz as he used to be the go-to guy here.

Thanks for the heads up about Linkway Makman - your strength of feeling has swayed me. Chris is very local to me but doesn’t normally do pick up and drop off so probably out of the equation for this one anyway.

Oh and Hels is too nice…as is Alba of course…;):smiley:

Yes! Thanks for that I was trying to remember that one 'coz I know you have mentioned him to me before.
The new job is still in the honeymoon period but after 11 years(!) in one place it is like a breath of fresh air…:slight_smile:


That’s okay Jamie - you haven’t seen my dark side…

Back to mechanics - highly recommend Scorch (although he is north) and of course Matt OMC who is the best mechanic the world has ever known (just my opinion).

if you can make it there is Frank dunstalls in Beckenham, I swear by these guys, really reasonable prices know their stuff only place I take my bike.

Thanks Karl. On my shortlist.

I agree - these guys are awesome - I use them for any odd-jobs and MOTs. Not sure if the can collect the bike, but they’ve done a few things for me in the past without even wanting payment (fitting a master cylinder, letting me use their air-bleeder, undoing stuck nuts).

Yup great guys which is why I always go back. Eco above not sure about pick up. But they have a station a few minutes walk from them.