Mixing oil

I’ve got a can of castrol gps that’s half full and a new can of castrol gps power 1 - which is an improved version of the old gps (with ‘power 1’ added to the name to indicate the improved formula) - there shouldn’t be any harm in mixing the old version (which I don’t want to waste) with the new should there? They are exactly the same grade and rating etc and the same ruby red colour.

Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

It won’t make the slightest bit of difference. If it’s the same grade oil then there will be next to no difference between the two.

Cheers rusty! I’m probably being a bit over pedantic - nice to get a second opinion - thanks. :slight_smile:

If it’s a fifty/fifty mix, I assume it will only be “Plus 1/2”?

And if one was Semi and one was fully? :P:D

I thought I had this sorted! I’m getting confused again now!. . .;):smiley:

It would become 3/4.

Sid, don’t worry. Looks like you have two compatible oils with just a slight change of additives. (Even that might be a change of advertising.)

I’d just bung them in the same can and give them a shake, but if you want to check properly, your choice, go on line to the oil co’s site and look them up, or give them a call.

Cheers oldguy - yep your right - I’m sure the marketing dept. had a bigger hand in this than the chemical engineers who design the stuff - they’ve probably tweaked it slightly that’s all. ;):slight_smile: