"missed call" scam operating

"saw his recent scam warning on grunbletext site…

07053 588028 - “missed call” scam operating
07053588028 07053588028 Had a “missed call” prompt appear on my mobile
today, didnt hear it ring even though the handset was within reach. I
didnt recognise the number so i did a bit of checking on line. The number
it turns out to be a premium rate personal number. 07053588028 owned by a
company called 7tel, who they lease it out to (assuming they dont operate
it themselves) is anyones guess as 7tel seem difficult to find on a simple
web search. Calling this number from a payg phone resulted in a ring tone
which “switched” after a 7 rings and afterwards the phone showed a reduced
the available balance. If you get one of these calls do NOT call it back,
report it to ICSTIS immediately lets shut this scum operation down. There
is a useful number checker at http://www.magsys.co.uk/telecom/codelook.asp
Edit Just spoken to ICSTIS who tell me they have had a number of recent
calls regarding this particular scam. It would seem the more that report
it the better."

yes easy money for them and bad news for you if you ever notice the charge…who ever checks their phone bill…?

ICSTIS have been rebranded - they no longer exist and are now PhonePayPlus. Not that they are not a public watchdog but are the premium line industry body. I assume Ofcom are the public body responsible for telephone abuse, but are a bit rubbish as they strongly and wrongly believe in self regulation - Expecting a bunch or rip-off artists to police a bunch of rip-off artists and " built public trust" seems doomed to failure to me!

So very very true